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Malang 4×4 Off Road Tours

Malang 4×4 Off Road Tours

Experience a journey in an entirely unique way, by getting off the beaten path with our 4×4 off-road tours. Enjoy the beautiful nature in Malang while feeling the adrenaline racing on the dirt track. Located in Batu, this adventure uses a 4×4 jeep that has been specifically designed to pass rugged and extreme terrain. Hitting rocky and muddy roads, up and down, and through rivers, countryside and green fields. Along the track will be presented with beautiful scenery and will make you more enthusiastic bulldoze the track forward. Passing the forest with the uphill road route, muddy lanes plus drifting tires provide a intense and exciting sensation. There are several off road venues in Batu, such as Coban Talun and Cangar, Coban Rondo, and Coban Putri. Each has its own characteristics. For example in Coban Talun, passing through a river and pine forest heading to the main spot, Coban Talun Waterfall. Then Cangar which provides a panoramic view of Mount Welirang, a vast green field and natural hot spring. Then Coban Rondo with its pristine pine forest, Lambau camp ground with panoramic views of Mount Panderman, as well as the Middle Coban and Coban Rondo waterfalls. Or Coban Putri with its twin waterfalls and flying fox swing and rock climbing facilities.

The off road tours ends at the resting area which is a fairly spacious field with beautiful views and cool mountain breeze. But there is something more, in this place you can enjoy outing activities and team building games.  To accommodate your outbound activities, we also provide an adequate Camping Ground location. Our experienced outbound trainers will guide you to take part in a series of fun and exciting activities.

With a variety of unique concepts, we can accommodate your activities and needs during outbound and fun off road activities. The following is a Fun Offroad Package in Batu, Malang, which is best suited for corporate, university, or your community.

Fun Offroad Package IDR 250.000/person

➤ Jeep Willys
➤ Professional driver
➤ Duration ± 3 Jam
➤ Rest area
➤ Snack 1x
➤ Mineral water
➤ Entrance ticket
Minimum 10 persons

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