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Malang Dirt Bike Tours And Rental

Malang Dirt Bike Tours And Rental


Welcome to MOTO East Java, your number 1 source for dirt bike rentals and off road tours operator in Malang, East Java. Not without reason, if we claim to be the most recommended dirt bike rental and tours operator in Malang. We have more than 35 units of Kawasaki KLX and Honda CRF for your trail riding, enduro tours and off road experience in Malang and nearby. You can choose smaller bike (16-19″ wheels) or slightly taller bike (18-21″ wheels) or even bigger bikes such as Kawasaki KLX 230 or Honda CRF 250 Rally. All bikes are equipped with pillion for passenger and no additional fees.

Quantity means nothing without quality, therefore we always maintain the quality of our bikes and service for your utmost satisfaction. Each bike has been upgraded to increase driving performance. Handlebar uses a fat bar type that is sturdier than stock handlebars, bigger rear sprocket to add more torque for the climb, and aftermarket exhaust system for better acceleration. The engine part is also slightly modified to increase power. The tires are also our concern. Our bikes use special off road tires (knobby tires) for maximum grip and  stability in handling, not just standard factory tires. Bike appearance is another important factor. Each motorbike has attractive and colorful decals for aesthetic reason.

Motorcycle maintenance is our top priority. After use, every motorbike in MOTO East Java is always washed and carefully checked for maximum convenience and safety. Covering engine oil, brake pads, clutch, lights, throttle, steering handlebar, and bearings. Not only that, twice a week all the motors having routine checks on the engine, electricity, linkage, swing arm, spokes and rims so the performance is always in good condition.

This is what distinguishes MOTO East Java from other dirt bike rental shop. At MOTO East Java, you don’t just rent a stock or regular bike, but it’s really a special off road bike for heart pumping adrenaline riding sensation!

Another important point is that we have complete range of service. For your off road activity, we provide riding gears such as helmets, gloves, jersey, goggles, boots, knee and elbow protectors. All clean and in good condition. MOTO East Java also has a company truck for delivery service in Malang area, and as a safety car for emergency needs. Videography is one essential thing for your journey. You can have all those fun adventures captured on a GoPro and take the footage back home afterwards. We serve professional videography as well with DSLR, mirrorless cameras and drones to record your adventures and make it into unforgettable memories. Watch our videos on YouTube channel MOTO East Java.

For your ultimate experience, book our dirt bike tours with private guide to ensure that everyone enjoy their ride. We will show you the best landscape and spectacular views in Bromo, Batu, Arjuno, Semeru or southern Malang beaches. Each track has different level of difficulty, and you can request the desired path. We collect videos of various tracks around Malang and you can watch them at our shop to decide.

With all those advantages, there is no reason not to choose MOTO East Java as your trusted adventure partner in Malang. Compare and you will know the difference. Ride with us, because adventure is here!

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